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My name is Guru Vivekanand Shastri, and helping people with dating disasters has been my underground passion ever since my days in the fraternity house at college. I created this site years ago as a way to share my ideas and my astrological powers, Love is very important in anybody's life. Life is nothing without love. Love is such a beautiful feeling in this world. Every one in this worldis involved in love matters and falls in love at some point of his life.

If somebody falls in love then he becomes blind in his belover's love. He becomes unable to see any other beautiful thing in this world. But it is not necessary that everyone gets same responsefrom his lover. A love relation can be happy only if there is same response from both sides. There are cases when some people face rejection due to one sided love. This situation completely drained those people's mind.

Getting your Ex-Love back is not so easy but it is not impossible. When a relationship breaks it really gives pain to the true lovers. But there is no need to be worry, Guru Ji is world famous astrologer and also love mantra for ex love back.You just have to make a call to our Guru Ji and solution of your problem will be at your door in no time.If any more query, then Please contact Shastri Ji:

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Break up with you guy and you want him so much to get it back?
Black magic for love specializes in performing black magic spells .
Vashikaran Specialists are the specialists to take control of your brain of others.
Indian Astrologer Vivekanand ji, Indian Astrology is one best way of setting all things right.
Love problem when we fail to understand our or when we fail to accept our responsibility.
Love Solution
The very way in which lovers react when their relationship will have a problem or something wrong between them, it is usually a stumbling block. Very often it is unconsciously trying to restore the relationship in the form in which it was before the onset of the problem, they turn to the past and try to restore.
Love Marriage
love marriage specialist astrology offers in difficult situations with solutions, helps to identify the match making and love understand internal contradictions patterns and conditionings. With love forecast and astrological prediction will able to tell about bride or groom features and how best they will match with their love compatibilities.
  • Surmukh Singh – Chandigarh
    I was suffering from serious relationship with my girlfriend but my parents are not happy. He didn’t allow me marriage with her. I could not understand what should I do. Then I found this website of PT Vivekanand Shastri jee, he gave me proper solution. Know my parents are allowed the marriage. I living happy full life with my wife and parents. I am very thankful to Vivekanand Shastri Ji.
  • Puneet Kumar – Norway
    Guru Ji has helped me to get my love back by his useful vashikaran spells on my parents. They agreed immediately to get my marriage done to my love.
  • Neha Agarwal from – Dubai
    I was manglik buy my husband wasn’t. I heard about Pt Vivekanand Shastri Ji and call him. He proved the pooja and mantras which helped to get my parents agreed and marry my love.
  • Vikas Malhotra - Shimla
    I was leading a peaceful life, as my marital life was smooth and harmonious. Suddenly my wife and I began fighting on trifle matters and love, care and concern began disappearing from our relation. I had already heard about Pt Vivekanand Shastri Ji and hence I decided to take advice of the marriage experts astrologers. Soon after implementing remedial solutions, my marital life again became harmonious
  • Diya – Amritsar
    Pt Vivekanand Shastri Ji has established itself as credible astrological consultants, who also possess specialization in black magic art. Being a practical person, I never did believe on evil influence of black magic until I became victim of the same. My life completely turned upside down due to the same influence. Fortunately, I decided to rely on Pt Vivekanand Shastri Ji and it brought my life back on track
  • Mr & Mrs Sharma (Germany)Sandeep – Canada
    I never had a wildest idea that despite of grabbing good educational degree, I would find it difficult to secure a well-paid job. One of my friends did ask me to consult Pt Vivekanand Shastri Ji. Earlier, I did not pay heed towards his advice. However, after sitting jobless for few months, I decided to seek guidance from Pt Vivekanand Shastri Ji. Surprisingly, it did work and within no time, I had an appointment letter in my hand from a highly reputed MNC.
  • Miss Shneha Jain, UKShalini Sehdev (Banglore)
    My name is Shalini. My son who is in 12th standard did not listen and was not serious about his studies at all, getting poor exams in all exams at school. I wanted him to perform well in the board exams therefore I consulted Vivekanand Shastri for solution. Now my son has got 87% in his board exams thanks to Pt Vivekanand Shastri.
  • Varun Sahagal, Australia Sunil Dhawan , Finance adviser , Mumbai (INDIA)
    Pt Vivekanand Shastri ji is the world famous ASTROLOGER. I consulted him 5 years before by telephone & till now i have got so much benefits after consulting him that I can never even think to go t any other astrologer palmists or numerologist.
  • Nitin Thakur , businessman , NEW DELHI (INDIA)
    Vivekanand Shastri ji is the most successful astrologer. I had been property consultancy business from last 16 years. I had lost most of my money in litigation & other business losses. I was planning to leave Canada forever. A single consultation with Vivekanand Shastri ji has really changed my life. You also designed a new business. He had been a kind person also.
  • Manoj Kumar, From Bangalore, IndiaRaman Deep Singh (Australia )
    I married from 5 years. But we do not have any child. My wife is very upset. I am very upset to see my wife disappointed . One day I saw advertisement of Pt Vivekanand Shastri. Then I contact to Vivekanand Shastri.Then I told to Shastri ji all my problem and Shastri ji solved my problem. Now I have 2 children. Now me and my wife is very happy with the result of Vivekanand Shastri ji. I am very thankful to Vivekanand Shastri ji.
  • Manoj Kumar, From Bangalore, IndiaSahil Bhardwaj (New Zealand)
    After finished my studies I wanted to go New zealand I wanted to take the visa By reason seemed to be on visa I was very upset for that. Joy with my friends all were gone I had to try four to five times Has failed on all. I read in the newspaper about Vivekanand Shastri has caused Then I met with the Vivekanand Shastri ji and told about my visa problem. And Vivekanand Shastri ji finished my problem very soon and I m really happy with the work of Vivekanand Shastri ji.